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Horse Whispers
Whispers from the Founder

Horse Whispers Fan Mail
August 01, 2012

From the very beginning, those of us involved in Horse Whispers felt it was important to keep in mind the fact that while many of the magical moments we depicted had a dreamlike quality, they would be based on reality. Our figurines would depict true experiences in the lives of girls and horses. They would capture real and loving relationships. And in recreating those moments we would be providing girls who had experienced them with a new way to remember them, keep them close, share with others….

And yet at the same time we knew that there were many girls who may not have had the good fortune of having grown up around horses, or spent a lot of time in the saddle, but who could relate to the idea of riding a stallion bareback in a pair of cutoffs, or hugging a horse’s neck and making a wish. If we were successful in what we were trying to do, they would “get” what Horse Whispers is all about. They too would feel the emotional connection.

So it came as a huge validation when last week we received this email: “I just wanted to send you a quick note to say I accessed your site from the Painted Ponies site and I was SO glad a did. What a BEAUTIFUL site you have. There is nothing like the glory of a girl and her horse. From when I was a small girl to being all grown up, nothing compares to having a beautiful horse by your side. It is a wonderful story that I lived and every girl who does too will hold a special place in her heart. From the time I first signed on to your website I could feel that you understand that feeling as well! I would recommend your site not only to every young girl, but to everyone who has had a horse growing up. It is just a wonderful site and I had to thank you for being there for the young people who treasure their animals and cherish them for the beautiful gifts from God that they truly are. I thank you!!”

If you also like what we are doing, if you have any Horse Whispers thoughts or moments you want to share with us and others, we would love to hear from you.

Whispers from the Founder

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