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At Last...the Horse Whispers Figurines Arrive!
July 03, 2012

Just when I was beginning to wonder if the month of July was ever going to arrive this year, it’s here, promising more hundred degree days BUT also heralding the arrival of Horse Whispers figurines in stores around the country.

It was seven months ago, in January of 2012, that we let the world know Horse Whispers figurines were coming.

We produced a set of prototypes to show to retailers, who oohed and aahed and asked how soon they could have them in their stores. And since that time we’ve had to wait. And wait some more. At one point I found myself getting impatient so I contacted the maker and asked what was taking so long? Why can’t they come out sooner? People are waiting.

“Hold your horses,” I was told, and I was reminded about what was important to us at the start of this collection. When we first came up with the idea for Horse Whispers, we knew we had something unique and special. Something with the potential to have universal appeal because there are horse-crazy girls and horse-loving women everywhere on earth. And so we took our time, searching for just the right production company for Horse Whispers. We wanted to work with craftsmen who knew horses as well as people, and who would be able to sensitively sculpt the body movements and facial expressions that were the essence of this collection. We knew from the start that this was going to be a collection whose success would depend on subtleties - the placement of a hand, the tilt of a head - and that every piece was going to be hand-painted by artisans in soft colors that reflected the mood of the situation depicted. To get that right took time. Sometimes longer than you’d like. But what you got in the end would be well worth the wait.

Put in my place, I’ve held my horses, and now it’s July and at last, this month, Horse Whispers figurines will be featured in stores around the country. We will be setting up a Store Locator on this website to help you find a retailer near you who is carrying them, but if you can’t find one close by we invite you to mention the collection to an appropriate store nearby.

And if you can’t wait, you can order now the through the Official Horse Whispers Official Store, by Clicking Here.

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