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Greetings, and welcome to the Official Website for Horse Whispers, a collection of beautifully crafted horse figurines that celebrate the very special bond between girls and horses. The Horse Whispers Official Website has been designed to provide you with all the information you need to enjoy this exciting horse figurine collection, including:

  1. multiple images of each Horse Whispers figurine,
  2. a photo gallery where you are invited to upload pictures of yourself or your friends sharing special Horse Whispers moments,
  3. a Q&A section that attempts to anticipate and answer most of your questions Horse Whispers sculptures,
  4. a section that will include a blog from the founder, along with excerpts from various articles about girls and horses and horse art that we think will interest you,
  5. and a link to our Facebook and other social media pages.

I would like to say that those of us who have been involved in the creation of Horse Whispers feel this collection has something very, very special to offer. It was conceived by people who are passionate about horses, who ride and raise horses themselves, and who believe profoundly that the human-horse bond is almost spiritual in nature. Those involved also believe that there is a place for artfully designed horse sculptures that elegantly capture the essence of those communications and interactions that account for the fascination and love between girls and horses. It has been said many times but it bears repeating, "All horses deserve, at least once in life, to be loved by a little girl."

It's no secret that the creative team behind Horse Whispers has produced another line of horse figurines treasured by collectors both nationally and internationally, known as The Trail of Painted Ponies. While the two collections have horses in common, the artistry involved in Horse Whispers is expressed less with paint, and communicated more through body language and facial expression – the tilt of the head, the placement of a hand, an upturned face, downcast eyes.

We intend to make the entire Horse Whispers experience a personal one, so we encourage you to stay in touch with us, let us know your thoughts, and share this site with others who hear horses whispering to them in their dreams….



Rod Barker


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