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Horse Whispers

Horse Whispers Q&A

What is the inspiration behind this Collection?
Two things: girls and horses!  It’s a fact that girls have a special relationship with horses. Maybe it’s because horses are beautiful and graceful. Maybe it’s because riding a horse represents freedom, power and speed. It could be that sitting on a horse and looking down makes a girl feel like she is on top of the world. Then too, horses respond to  kindness, gentleness, slow movements and soft speech, as do girls. Whatever the reason, this is an extraordinary relationship that often lasts a lifetime!

What does the Collection consist of?
Horse Whispers features eighteen figurines and one bust. Each figurine depicts a girl interacting with a horse in a way that connects them emotionally, and tells an emotional story. The feelings that are communicated range from trust, affection, and true understanding, to unbridled joy. The bust showcases a dreamlike moment shared between a girl and horse.

What distinguishes these figurines from other horse figurines?
Horse Whispers figurines are lovingly sculpted in a realistic but elegant style, with a focus on sentiments expressed through the body language and facial expressions of girls and their horses. The turn or tilt of a head. The placement of hands or lift of a foot. A deeply personal and profound communication lies at the emotional heart of every Horse Whispers figurine, one that helps explain the fascination and love that girls have for horses.

What about the use of color with this Collection?
The color palette is soft and muted, reflecting the “whispers” in the title of this collection.

What considerations were given to making each figurine different?
The horse breeds depicted are all different, and the girls are dressed differently. You will find some girls casually dressed in jeans, while some wear more formal clothing associated Eastern and competition riding. And yes, there is even a cowgirl (At heart, every girl who rides horses is a cowgirl). The girls depicted are also at different stages of their lives. This collection has been designed to appeal to females of all ages.

What is the scale of the figurines and how are they presented?
Horse Whispers figurines are cast in resin and are mounted on an attractive oval base with beautiful brass title plaques. Each figurine is between six and eight inches tall and the flare at the bottom of the base gives this collection a fine art look. The inspiring story of each figurine is stamped on the underside of the base.

How frequently will there be new releases?
The introduction of Horse Whispers began with ten pieces introudced in Winter 2012. Five new figurines were introduced in Winter 2013, and four more were introduced in Summer 2013. Horse Whispers figurines are no longer crafted, but there are still some available to purchase.

Are the figurines sequentially numbered?
No. Although we believe the line will be very collectible, we want this to be perceived as a giftable line with each piece having equal value.

Will the line only feature girls?
We will start out with girls, and at some point we will expand to include scenes involving boys.

What makes the timing of this Collection right?
Horse Whispers is coming along at a time when people are looking for touchstones that can transport them to a more tranquil place, and will connect them with relaxing, elemental emotions commonly associated with animals, outdoor activities, and Nature. Horses have always been able to provide the means for a natural escape into the out-of-doors. The feelings crystallized in Horse Whispers will provide people with just such an experience.

Is this Collection intended to appeal just to horse lovers?
People don’t have to be “horse crazy” or to even be “into” horses to appreciate this collection. In many ways the horse is a symbol. The theme for this line could easily be: “Life’s greatest pleasures can be found in the intimate moments shared with others dear to us.”

Would you call this an American Collection?
We feel Horse Whispers will have an international appreciation because the love of horses is a universal phenomenon. It is not particular to one country. It knows no national boundaries. English, Canadian, Australian, French, German and Italian girls are just as “horse crazy” as American girls. With this in mind, the horse breeds featured in this line come from everywhere, and the clothing and hair styles of the female figures do not represent the style of a particular country.

Who is behind this Collection?
Although it was conceived of and developed by the creative principals behind The Trail of Painted Ponies, Horse Whispers is an independent brand and an independent collection.

Where did the name “Horse Whispers” come from?
The name Horse Whispers derives from “Horse Whisperer,” a term commonly used for trainers who have a special gift for gentling traumatized horses, and who are able to say things to horses in a way that only the two of them understand. Horse Whispers figurines will communicate to girls in a similarly compelling way.

If you have additional questions about this exciting new brand, please write us at: info@horsewhispers.com. We will either respond to you personally, or, if we think your question and the answer will inform or be of interest to others, we will add it to this Q & A.

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