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Celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

It was 50 years ago this year that a spotted horse enthusiast by the name of Rebecca Tyler Lockhart recognized the need for an organization dedicated to Paint Horses, a breed that was first brought to America by the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes in 1519, and that was soon favored by Native Americans who believed their markings endowed them with magical powers. Today, the American Paint Horse Association is the second largest breed registry in the United States. It is also known as a progressive organization that is always on the look-out for cooperative and creative ways to grow its presence, along with the horse industry in general. The APHA's willingness to explore new relationships led it to partner with The Trail of Painted Ponies in a national art competition in 2012, which will result in a series of Painted Pony Paint figurines, beginning in 2013. Horse Whispers is proud to add the American Paint Horse Association to its list of partners. To learn more about the APHA, click here: www.apha.com.


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