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The rich and fascinating history of the Appaloosa breed is as unique as its colorful spotted coat patterns. The first Appys were brought to the New World by Spanish explorers in the 1600s. They were adopted by the Nez Perce Indian tribe, the first Native Americans to develop a horse breeding program. They were almost exterminated by the US Army in the Nez Perce wars and almost disappeared as a breed. They were " discovered" at the turn of the twentieth century by Wild West Shows who featured the flashiest Appaloosas in their parades and promotions. They were championed by the Appaloosa Horse Club who organized in the late 1930s with the goal to preserve and improve the breed. Now, on this, the 75th anniversary of the Appaloosa Horse Club's formation, they have decided to celebrate the beauty of the Appaloosa horse through a national art competition, co-sponsored by The Trail of Painted Ponies.

Good for both the Club and The Trail for recognizing the importance of new partnerships in these times.

To learn more about the ApHC: www.appaloosa.com.


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