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Horses and Christmas: A Magical Connection
December 07, 2012

Recently we were contacted by a magazine that focuses exclusively on Holiday Gifts and Christmas Decorations and were asked what the connection was between horses andChristmas. The editors were struck by how popular Painted Pony figurines and ornaments had become at holiday time, and wanted to hear why we thought they had such a strong appeal. Our response, which drew on the thoughts not only of us at The Trail but our collectors and friends on our Facebook page, listed the following reasons:


1. Horses remind us of the charm of "Christmas Past," and refer back to riding in horse drawn open sleighs on snowy Christmas days to visit family and friends.

2. Horses recall our country heritage and the farms and ranches that many American's grew up on.

3. Horses bring to mind the "good 'ol days" when life was simple and the Holidays were the most important time of year.

4. Horses invite us to remember...they allow us to revisit the days when all we wanted for Christmas was a Pony under theChristmas tree. (Several of our collectors have written us to say that they got their first real horse at Christmas.)


1. Horses remind us of "Christmas Present," as we see horses taking the White House Christmas tree to the Capitol for the annual Holiday celebration.

2. Horses take Holiday visitors through Central Park, in the snow.

3. Horses take Christmas Carolers in carriages, through towns across America, to celebrate the Season.

4. Horses connect communities during the Holidays with parades and pageants.


1. Horses will remain in our Christmas celebrations forever.

2. There is a warmth and authenticity that horses bring to the Holidays that cannot be manufactured, or replaced.

3. Horses are the messengers from all the Christmas's past and present and we will dream of them forever.

4. Horses will always represent important traditions, well into the future.

Horses are magical and Christmas is all about the magic of this magnificent season!

To which can be added:

1. People are always looking for new gift-giving traditions at Christmas, and gifting Painted Pony figurines and ornaments has become a holiday tradition, the way giving glass balls, tin trains, and cut and etched crystal became holiday gift traditions.

2. Every Painted Pony, holiday included, comes with a story that adds meaning, so when they are gifted, in effect they come with a personal message.

3. Once purchased, figurines and ornaments that tend to increase in value every year, the way Painted Ponies do, are perceived as gifts that will grow in value with time.

4. Holiday gifts that have a handcrafted dimension are always more greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Trail of Painted Ponies & Horse Whispers


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