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Horse Whispers
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Horse Whispers 2013
January 02, 2013

When something is successful - a movie, a book - everyone looks forward to the sequel. This past summer the first ten Horse Whispers figurines were introduced and quickly became one of the hottest new horse collectibles to come along since The Trail of Painted Ponies. People were so impressed they wondered if we could possibly follow up.

We'll let you decide, as we proudly introduce the next five Horse Whispers figurines. Each is beautifully sculpted and painted with exquisite attention to detail. Each artfully captures a special moment shared by a girl and her horse. Each "works" in the round, meaning if you pick a Horse Whispers figurine up and look closely at it, you will discover that every angle reveals more of the interaction going on.

Allow us to introduce you to "Stargazer." By some magical somehow, the stars seem a lot closer on nights when you scan the heavens from the back of a horse. They seem almost within reach.
There's a saying, "To ride a horse is to ride the sky." You can tell by the graceful arch of her body and the rapturous smile on her face that the girl depicted in "Heaven on Earth" knows that feeling.
You have to be careful not to spoil your horse with too many treats. But there are times when sharing an apple says it all. Says "You're the 'Apple of My Eye.' "
A gentle pat on the neck and the whispered words, "Good Girl," can be the most encouraging way to reward a horse for good behavior.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to live where they board their horse. For the girl in "Town and Country," the perfect escape from town is to visit her horse in the country.


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